30 freaky pics that’ll make your heart skip a beat

We are all afraid of something and that’s normal. Fear is generally a part of being human. However, in some cases, there’s really no reason to feel fearful. Our eyes tend to play tricks on our mind and that causes us to believe in things that aren’t real or don’t even exist.

One way to get over your fear and to feel braver is to use a safe environment to face the source of your fears head-on. This list of startling and creepy photos is exactly what you need for that.

1. The killer clown
Even if I’m completely hungry, I wouldn’t dare go inside that building. It looks like a killer clown is waiting for me.
2. A warning
Consider this photo as a warning. Never wear your gloves without checking what’s inside first.

3. Rose or blood?

These sheets would be ideal to use if you’re on your monthly period. They make it easy to hide the stains if they leaked. On normal days, however, they make the room look like a murder scene.



4. Sneaky

It seems like the snake has been hiding there for quite some time. It looks happy to be found.


5. You’re being watched.

The shadow looks like the Boogey man. Its evil eyes and smile will surely keep you up at night.


6. The creepy door crack

It’s hard to convince yourself that there’s nothing wrong with the door crack when you can definitely see someone or something smiling there. I wouldn’t even have the courage to look at it a second time.


7. The frozen ghost

If I were alone at home and I saw this on my window, I’d probably run away as fast as I can. It’s a proof that nature really has a way of messing up with people.

8. The creepy mannequin

It’s more than just a mannequin. If you touch it, it’ll scream “Stop! Don’t touch me like that!” over a speaker system. It’s supposed to prevent people from peeing in the tub.

9. The magical iron

This iron is quite magical. It lets you see the real you when you look at it.

10. Let us out!