30 Photos captured in a moment just before a facepalm

You ever take a photo and then look at it with regret? No? Well, enough people have for us to make a list of it!

Maybe it’s a selfie gone wrong. Or snapping a photo of what turns out to be an embarrassing moment. These things happen. And when they do, all you can do is give yourself a palm to the face.

So don’t fret. You’re not alone. You might have answered no to the question poised above but let’s face it. You have some hidden gems on your phone. But in the meantime, take a look at some of the following!


“Mine. Mine. Mine.”

Sometimes nature just doesn’t love us back! They rather eat ice cream than to fly home on an empty stomach.Oh well, it’s a good picture that can accompany a great story!

I Do Things…

I mean… I guess some people like to advertise things on their refrigerator? Most people just put up magnets from businesses and the like but some people like to stand out.To each their own!

Today’s Lesson…

We’re going to throw thinking out the door today. It’s overrated. So grab your guns and aim them all at me and the person in front of you…Major facepalm!

Looks Delicious!

When it’s on the plate that is. Poor thing doesn’t even know she’s missing out on the best part of the dish – the sauce!I guess it’s better than landing on her lap!

Raindrops Fallin’ On My Keys