Ford Thunderbird 1960 – Click for more pics

At the base price of $3,755, Ford produced 80,938 Thunderbird cars with two-door hardtop for 1960 model year.

The newly revised shape of this “Square Bird” with the addition of back-seat experienced huge increase in sales though it wasn’t popular for everyone after seeing the 2-seater go. However, the T-Bird, in the model year of 1960, had turned out the best selling year since 1955.

This was for the third consecutive but final year “Square Bird” body was used with three taillights per side rather than two while the grille reverted to small square design which was used in 1957 model.

3 Per Side Taillights

This gorgeous T-Bird was equipped with first manual sunroof and since then it has known as Golde Top cars as it was patent by Golde Company and licensed by Ford.

Sunroof View

The leather interior of the car makes it more elegant and that option was introduced 2 years earlier. However this option further cost $106 on the purchase price.

Thunderbird Interior

The power of this dazzling T-Bird comes from 352 cubic inch Thunderbird V8 engine with four-barrel carburetor which produces 300 horsepower. With three-speed Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission, the engine is paired optionally.

352 Cubic Inch Thunderbird V8 Engine

1960 FORD THUNDERBIRD was loaded with fantastic options such as powered driver’s seat, power steering, power brakes, MagicAire heater / defroster, AM radio and power windows.