Best Wedding Venues in Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand is providing the prettiest wedding venues in the world. Some wedding venues here are like a gem in Auckland that will ensure that your special day is an absolute cracker.

From amazing and tropical gardens to converted barns to concrete jungle chic, you are going to read about the best wedding venues in Auckland.

It is always challenging to choose a wedding venue when it comes to your wedding. Most of the people who are concerned about their weddings prefer to choose the most amazing wedding locations in Auckland.

It is the most stunning city in New Zealand. There are numerous beautiful wedding venues in Auckland, a few are mentioned below, if you are looking for the best wedding venue in Auckland, please read the information below.

The Tasting Shed 

The Tasting Shed is one of the best wedding venues in Auckland. This wedding venue is facilitating guests with unique and stunning wedding venues, any place that says “we want to make your wedding a festival of love!” is a winner.

The Tasting Shed strives to make every wedding as unique and beautiful as possible, down to the very last detail. The management team of the testing shed is so cooperative and giving their best.


Mantells is providing a rustic barn in the woods theme which is still going strong, but for some lovebirds, an Auckland City wedding is where it’s at. This wedding venue can be an excellent choice of yours if you are concerned about your marriage.

The Mantells has done specialization in bringing beautiful, classy wedding dreams to life. The couples can enjoy a stunning view of the harbor with excellent service, food, and special touches in Mantells.

Kauri Bay Boomrock 

Kauri Bay Boomrock is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Auckland. The location of this wedding venue is excellent. It is tough to beat panoramic views of the Hauraki Gulf, and their team has got the whole wedding procedure down pat.

This wedding venue is facilitating guests with bespoke menus, specialized transport, entertainment, and a handy wet weather option. They will go out of their way to make your special day as stress-free as possible.

Jonkers Farm 

Jonkers Farm is one of the best wedding venues in Auckland. It is precisely what couples may need from a wedding venue. With a whoppers 540 acres of land. This is a breath-taking place which is just 30-minutes from the CBD. It will make couples and their guests to feel like they are in a rural fairytale. There’s plenty of room for marques or tents and since there’s no on-site catering.


Mudbrick is one of the most stunning wedding venues in Auckland. The natural beauty of the island can be so refreshing for couples and can be a real treat for their guests. In the warmer month’s guests can enjoy the beautiful gardens and during winter, the roaring open fireplace will make for a cozy, intimate event.


The Landsendt is the best place for couples who are in love and ready to tie the knot on a tropical island. This wedding venue is located in West Auckland, and this unique venue is styled like a world-class island resort. It is facilitating guests with up to 100 seats.

Boutique Barn  

The Boutique Barn is the perfect venue for those wanting an intimate, wedding. The capacity of 50 guests is available here. There’s a quirky selection of vintage props, furniture, and glassware available.

Hopefully, the information written above will help you in finding the best wedding venue in Auckland.