The Best U.S. Tourist Places to Visit

If you love traveling and want to explore the beautiful places of the United States, then these amazing destinations should be in your bucket list. Continue reading and you will know more about these places.


Miami, the land of beaches and parties. The city is the site of the powerful service industry (commerce, communications, entertainment, finance) that make it one of the richest metropolises in the world, wealth that translates into well-being and a lifestyle that few cities can surpass.

Its green areas are well cared for, as are its streets and beaches, which await tourists totally clean. Its fantastic, glamorous, and exclusive shops, shopping centers, and restaurants with all gastronomic genres are added.

Miami is the place in the world where most cruise ships arrive with tourists from all over, who know that in the “Magic City” recreation and pleasure are guaranteed.

San Diego

Its sunny and warm climate throughout the year makes it the best city in the United States for many. Balboa Park is a vast natural and cultural space with gardens, museums, historic buildings, and the world-famous city zoo, which is home to almost 4 thousand specimens of more than 650 species.

It is so large that it demands good physical condition from its visitors to visit it completely. The main area in the city is the Gaslamp Quarter, a historic district built in the late 19th century with 20 blocks of beautiful Victorian houses, galleries, shops, and restaurants.

The powerful Pacific Fleet of the US Navy is headquartered in San Diego and one of its contributions to tourism is the USS Midway Museum, which operates on that aircraft carrier that went out of active service in 1992. The Old City Historic Park, Seaport Village, on the Point Loma Boardwalk, the Museum of Art, Horton Plaza, and the San Diego Mission are other equally attractive attractions to visit.

Wine Country (California)

Californian wines have earned a place in the competitive wine market and the best place to try them is Wine Country, the region where they are made and which includes, among others, the Napa and Sonoma valleys.

The view is entertained by hundreds of hectares of vines that cover the plains in green. The area is rich in wineries, cozy boutique hotels, and restaurants, where the best regional cuisine is accompanied by exquisite wines, many of them harvested in the orchards next to the vineyards. Most of the wineries organize tours to learn about the winemaking process from the grape to the wine in the bottle, in which traditional and modern winemaking arts are mixed.

Washington DC

The capital. Although it has less than 700,000 inhabitants, it is only surpassed in ethnic and gastronomic diversity by New York. Being a political city, of ambassadors and of high government officials, it has first-rate services for residents and tourists. Apart from the White House and the National Capitol, two architectural symbols of the capital, all tourists visit the Washington Monument with its large 170 m high obelisk, the Civil War Memorial, and the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

Do not forget to visit the Smithsonian Institute that has beautiful museums, one of them, Natural History with more than 125 million species and objects. The Georgetown University campus is serenely beautiful, preceded by Healy Hall, a stately building that harmoniously blends Romanesque and Baroque styles.

Cape Cod

Massachusetts’ long peninsula ideal for spending family beach days, with excellent hotels and delicious seafood. Quaint towns like Bourne, Falmouth, Mashpee, Dennis, Brewster, Chatham, Eastham, Truro, and Provincetown line the peninsula, with spaces dotted with pretty windmills.

The most frequented islands are Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, heavily visited in summer by vacationers arriving from New England and other parts of the country.


The city of the Red Sox, their baseball team. In the beautiful capital of Massachusetts, momentous historical events occurred, such as the Tea Party of 1773, a precursor to American Independence. Tourists recall this event in the museum dedicated to the event, in which it is explained with actors on stage dressed in the custom of the time, what happened.

Boston’s historic district is full of stately buildings and museums like the Otis House and the Gibson House. Although the Science Museum is the main attraction for visitors, other artistic and museum spaces such as the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Natural History, are also in high demand.

Little Italy is a paradise for people who love Italian cuisine and culture, and the North End is a small universe of the peoples and cultures that make life in the city.

Las Vegas

“Sin City”.

The best-known face of Las Vegas is the Strip and Fremont Street, with its multitude of sumptuous hotels and casinos. You cannot be in it and not visit the Flamingo, Caesars Palace, the Mirage, the Venetian, the Excalibur, or the MGM Grand, the latter always the scene of great boxing fights.

The Mafia Museum recalls that the city was initially an initiative of the Italian-American criminal organization. There you will meet the most famous gangsters and the most ingenious ways they have invented to rip you off. The Flamingo was the first hotel-casino in Las Vegas, the work of the gangster, Bugsy Siegel, partner and subordinate of Lucky Luciano, who realized the advantages of having a secluded place for gambling, roulette, and entertainment hall.

If you like, escape for a day from Sin City to visit The Grand Canyon, a few miles away. Motorsports fans will find plenty of entertainment options in the vegan dessert. The hotels themselves facilitate these excursions for fun on 2, 3, and 4-wheel machines.

22. Portland

Crossed by the Willamette River and guarded by Saint Helena, the Hood, and the Tabor, its most iconic mountains, Portland is a charming city. The green and welcoming city parks invite you to relax, while the nearby mountains invite you to hike, hike, and breathe fresh air in the heights.

Besides being a city of music, Portland has beautiful places to walk and a high standard of living that has made it a frequent setting for movies and television series. Its Art Museum is an impressive gallery with works by Van Gogh and Monet. In the Museum of Science and Industry the submarine used in the film, The Hunt for Red October, is preserved.

Portland is one of the US cities with the greatest variety and quality of craft beers, complementing its multitude of trucks and street food stalls. Mount Hood, at 3,426 meters above sea level, is the fourth highest peak in the Cascade range and a mountaineering paradise.

23. Seattle

The land of Nirvana, grunge, and guitarist Jimmy Hendrix. Another city with a lot of musical influence. Seattle is also home to its Mariners, MLB team, and home to Amazon and Starbucks. The city competes with Silicon Valley for America’s technological supremacy.

Visit the Museum of Pop Culture, the Museum of Asian Art, and the Chihuly Glass Garden. Bruce Lee and his son Brandon are buried in its cemetery, a place that also attracts hundreds of tourists, whether or not they are fond of martial arts. Admire the wildlife of Lake Washington with its playful sea lions.


Although located in North-Central America, in South Dakota, Deadwood retains the spirit of the old western town that it once was. By the end of the 19th century, Deadwood had more saloons than residences, 9 out of 10 women were prostitutes, and its large population of criminals and adventurers produced at least one death every day.

Now the picturesque town lives by harmlessly recreating its legendary and violent history, with gunmen fighting in duels, allusive museums, modern gambling houses, and rodeo shows. A landmark associated with the city’s past is the grave of the famous adventurer and gunman, Wild Bill, shot to death at a gaming table in 1876. When he died he had 2 aces and 2 eights, the now famous and ill omen “Dummy’s hand” in poker.

25. Kansas City

Juicy and delicious Kansas steak is America’s most famous cut of steak and is uniquely prepared by city dwellers at their many barbecue spots. The city that stretches into the area where the Missouri rivers meet has become a prestigious jazz territory, with clubs offering live music throughout the week. Have a picnic in the grandiose, free-entry sculpture garden of the Nelson-Atkins Museum. The National Museum of World War I exhibits weapons, objects taken from Europe’s own trenches, vehicles, uniforms, and other pieces used during the bloody and brutal Great War.

Another thing you’ll love about Kansas City is “First Friday,” a Crossroads District cultural event that combines art and food on the first Friday of every month. Baseball fans can’t miss the Museum of the Negro Leagues.

Key West

Although now a place of enjoyment for hundreds of tourists, this island in the Straits of Florida became a refuge for pirates. Key West is a place to forget about the noise. We suggest you reconnoiter on an hour and a half ride on the tourist bus, which will take you through the main sites of interest, including the house where the famous novelist, Ernest Hemingway, lived, now a museum.

If you forgot your swimsuit or another piece of clothing or accessory, you should go to Duval Street, a lively shopping area with excellent restaurants and places for nightlife. The mangrove forests of Key West have rich and beautiful biodiversity. The paddleboard or kayak tour will leave you wonderfully toned for the rest of the day. The Dry Tortugas National Park is a secluded place 110 km from Key West, ideal for diving in its reefs with clear waters. Another must-see activity in Key West is watching the sunset at Mallory Square with the animation of musicians and street performers.

Mount Rushmore

Carving in the granite of Keystone Mountain in South Dakota took 14 years, between 1927 and 1941. The grandiose sculpting of the 70-foot-tall faces of the celebrated presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln, was the work of Danish-American artist Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln.

Apart from the sculptors who directed it, 400 carvers participated who were guided by plaster models preserved in this National Monument, built to honor the most representative figures of the first century and a half of American history. Mount Rushmore is one of the most symbolic places in the country. It receives more than 3 million visits each year.

Yellowstone National Park

The oldest national park in the world. It is the enormous caldera of the largest volcano in the American continent, a monster that if it erupted could erase life on the planet from the map. Although it has 640 thousand years without eruptions, it has enough activity to delight with its spectacular geysers and other geothermal phenomena, its hundreds of visitors.

The main geyser, among the more than 500 that form in the park, is the fascinating Old Faithful that manifests itself more or less every hour expelling water at 93 ° C at 40 meters high. For hikers and wildlife watchers, Yellowstone has Lamar Valley, a great place to camp with the mountains as sentinels.

Yellowstone Lake is teeming with trout and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone offers the appeal of its cliffs and beautiful waterfalls.

Now you can measure better because the United States is one of the countries with the most tourist visits in the world. Although these were 28, they add more places to learn about its history and have a great time. Do what you have to do to visit the world’s leading power.


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