The Top 3 of the Best Tourist Places in the United States to visit this 2020

The United States is a very popular country, associated with the biggest film industry in the world and major world trade. It is located in North America, two hours from northern Mexico, and one hour from southern Canada and you can reach its territory on one of the direct flights of the popular airline American Airlines to any state in the country.

Everything in the country will leave you in awe, from its spectacular National Parks to its beautiful cities full of impressive and tall skyscrapers. It is a country to discover new things and get carried away with the history of each state, such as the African heritage of southern areas such as Georgia and the indigenous tradition in places like Wyoming and its Wilderness Reserves. Everything evolved over time and as part of the culture of a great nation.

The places made for tourist consumption are conditioned so that you get good service in beautiful and incredible places. Traveling to Las Vegas, in the middle of the desert and full of lights and festivities will fill you with good vibes and the desire to have fun. All the places are thematic and historical, so it is possible to come across important glimpses of your favorite films and works.

The United States is the country of sculptures and beautiful architectural works, be sure to go on a trip full of good surprises where the Statue of Liberty and The Golden Gate Bridge await you to welcome you to their urban territories. Travel to North America and see what the United States has for you and your family during this great 2020 vacation.
So without further ado, let’s start with the list of the best tourist spots in the United States:

Las Vegas (Nevada)

The city of Las Vegas, or the city of Sin, is one of the tourist sites of the United States and is located in the Mojave desert, state of Nevada. Getting there from New York requires you to take a plane and fly into Nevada for more than six hours at McCarran International Airport.

Everything in Las Vegas is packed with colorful buildings, making it a perfect urban area for travel. If your trip is to visit beautiful casinos, you should not miss the Strip Street, 20 minutes from downtown. This street has the coolest casinos in the world and at night it offers a light show that will thrill you.

It is common to perform shows in the fountains of the boulevard, as they recreate the most emblematic scenes of classic Hollywood films such as Titanic. The Bellagio Fountain is the most famous due to these theatrical shorts and taking photos there will give you very nice memories of your vacation.

Las Vegas has as a surprise an incredible number of restaurants and pubs for you to choose where you want to eat, many celebrities have built gourmet restaurants with wonderful decorations that are an attraction. ” The Capital Grille” is a family-friendly place that specializes in healthy, grilled meals. They are located on Main Street and promise to serve the richest meat in the world.

Los Angeles (California)

Los Angeles is the principal city of the state of California in the United States and is known for its immense skyscrapers and its world-wide film industry. Getting to Los Angeles from any world destination requires you to take a plane and make a trip to the Los Angeles Airport, which is one of the largest in North American territory.

Los Angeles is home to several of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world, such as the famous Hollywood Sing. A visit to Hollywood is perfect for the whole family because it offers guided tours of the film studios. The most interesting thing is that you can see the Hollywood sign on Mount Lee, where taking photos is not to be missed.

The environment has water parks that are huge and beautiful like El Parque Santa Monica, two hours from downtown Los Angeles. The park has many meter high waterslides and a Ferris wheel that overlooks the valley. It is one of the tourist places in the United States to visit with children because it is one of the Parks that guarantee outdoor fun without leaving urbanism.

Visiting Los Angeles is going to take you a few days, so if you want to stay, you can opt for a nice hotel in a nice central location. “The Sheraton Hotel” is one of the most luxurious and traditional in the United States and you are going to love staying there for the pool service and WIFI that promises to make you feel at home.

Chicago (Illinois)

Chicago is a fantastic location that is part of the state of Illinois, in the United States. It is recognized for the old urban constructions and for its pronounced roads. Getting to Chicago from nearby locations such as Naperville or Evanston is easy if you take a flight from the local American Airline since the journey does not exceed 45 minutes.

As soon as you arrive in the city you should go take a photo at the Cloud Gate or La Alubia. It is a silver sculpture that is located in Millenium Park, central Chicago. You will realize that the monument is an icon of modern art and appreciate it with such tranquility, it is perfect for your visit.

If you are a lover of planets and stars, you will like to know that Chicago has a Planetarium of impressive beauty. It’s called the Adler Planetarium and it’s the first of its kind on American soil. The site has great exhibits where you can touch rocks on the moon and learn about the planets in a beautiful and interesting environment.

It is advisable to end your adventure in Chicago by trying the unique Chicago Donuts sold in the fast-food chain, Stan’s. The main place is in the Millennium area and you will find glazed donuts with many flavors and perfect to accompany a milkshake.

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