Top Schools to Study Medicine

There are numerous top schools to study medicine are available throughout the world. It is a bit difficult to select one school from the top schools to study medicine. If you are a student and looking for a school or college where you can get excellent knowledge about the field of medicine, here are a few schools to study medicine are mentioned below please have a look.

University College London (UCL)

The university college London is one of the top schools to study medicine in the world. It is renowned and known as one of the most prestigious universities in London. It is the home of medical advances such as the discovery of adrenaline and the immune system. UCL is situated in central London, this university has ideal access to clinical attachments work placements which may require for the course.

The MBBS program taught by this university is competitive, with seven applicants per place in 2016. It takes six years to complete this course. Each course focused on a number of themed, integrated modules.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is standing on one of the top schools to study medicine. This institute is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and very close to Boston, it takes around 30 minutes to reach the university on foot.

The location of this institute is giving students easy access to the historic city. Massachusetts doesn’t have its own medical school, but it is running a popular joint MD-PhD program with Harvard Medical School (HMS).

This university is also offering Harvard-MIT program in Health Sciences and Technology (HST), this program brings MIT and Harvard together along with Boston-area hospitals for a unique collaboration that “integrates science, medicine, and engineering to solve problems in human health”.

Yale University

Yale is one of the best colleges which is facilitating students from all around the world. This school was founded in 1810 and is responsible for medical innovations such as the first X-ray performed in the US. This school is standing on top schools to study medicine. It is famous because of the first successful use of penicillin in the country, and the first use of cancer chemotherapy.

These are the best medical school in the world where you can take admission if interested in the field of medicine.